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The Next Thing offers a solution that gives you insight into your entire organization: all processes, end to end and top-down. This solution gives directors and managers the opportunity to proactively steer and manage the organization. The strategic, tactical and operational layers are linked by the organized business processes, products and / or services, channels, customers (and / or customer segments), resulting in the desired or optimal stakeholder value. With cockpits for the end users, this solution gives you the opportunity to proactively adjust and gain insight into the real value in your organization and where there are wastes and / or opportunities when it comes to achieving your strategic goals.

Until now…

  • Reactive management based on historical data

  • No end-to-end information due to fragmented information

  • Different systems (silos), so fragmented information

  • Reports are often affected, so you do not get an objective picture

  • A large number of reports from different departments / managers (time-consuming to get the right conclusions)

The Next Thing ...

  • Map, monitor, manage

  • End-to-end information on one page: strategic to operational lever, department to department

  • Proactive management based on real-time data

  • Root cause visible within a few seconds

  • Visible which parts (dimensions) are missing that are needed to achieve the maximum stakeholder value

  • Connecting all your source systems

  • Connected and aligned with each business unit, every layer, every department

  • Predictive results based on current parameters

  • Scenario analysis for convincing change of course / adaptation

With this solution you reduce the reporting burden within your organization, improve the alignment of changes in information, ensure that directors and managers can make quicker and better decisions based on visible facts, you are able to improve continuous processes and control costs, all aligned to your business strategies.

In addition, our solution offers unique opportunities when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. In times of high economic activity, there are many opportunities for organizations, especially in sectors where autonomous growth is virtually at a standstill. This means that growth will be achieved through mergers and acquisitions in the relevant sectors. These mergers and acquisitions are often lengthy, time-consuming processes that involve enormous costs and risks. With our solution, these due diligence processes are significantly reduced in costs, time and risks. Because the business strategies are already modeled - end to end and top-down - the expected results after a merger or after buying or selling a business unit are quickly and easily visible. By analyzing the expected consequences of this type of decision, the stakeholders are quickly informed and the decision is clearly supported with the corresponding argumentation.


The solution offers the possibilities to get the most out of your organization. Optimal use of the solution stands or falls with a successful implementation. The Next Thing offers unique Business Consultancy, with which it distinguishes itself in the market. This combined with its expertise in the field of Change Management guarantees a successful implementation as a result.