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Although the solution offers a huge number of possibilities, the optimal use of the solution falls or stands for successful implementation. The Next Thing offers a complete package to enable your organization to function optimally. We look for solutions and work on a good implementation plan, where attention is paid to both human factors and process factors.

What makes The Next Thing unique is that we approach the implementation of every solution from the business. This is in contrast to the generally used data-driven implementation. We do not investigate which data is available in your organization, but we examine what data your organization needs to realize its strategic goals. We calibrate and strengthen your organization by aligning strategies both nationally and internationally. In addition, we can train and train your staff in management techniques and use the latest technology to achieve your strategic goals.







How does The Next Thing ensure a successful implementation?


The first step is a workshop with the relevant management, in which we will collaborate to create and map the entire strategic landscape. The Next Thing Group facilitates both before and during this workshop the requirements, so that the session is used as effectively and efficiently as possible.

At the end of this session, the strategic landscape is completed with the associated KPIs and during the session, to the extent that it was not known in advance, a business case will be formulated. This business case forms the basis for a Proof of Concept.

In collaboration with you our business consultants identify possible challenges in the implementation and identify the possibilities to increase the success of the implementation. If you are not sure what your organization needs, we help you make decisions on which parts of your organization can make a greater contribution to achieving your goals. Once the data is collected, our consultants will help you to determine how the information can be used to achieve the desired results.

Once we have determined the scope of the implementation and the challenges and the path to success have been identified, we advise you on the implementation. We manage the delivery and support the execution to ensure that your implementation runs as smoothly as possible and the desired goals are achieved. In order to optimize the success of the implementation, we simultaneously pay attention to change management and, if required, we provide you with consultants with experience with both our solution, its implementation and change management.




To make the implementation of the solution a success, we offer Change Management in addition to Business Consultancy. Together with you and your staff, our change managers look for the shared intention of the group to achieve the common goal. During implementation, questions often arise with staff, such as "Is my opinion shared?", "Are we on the same line?", "I thought this would be different for our department." Questions and disunity on the work floor may impede a successful implementation. That is why it is important to get everyone in the same direction, in order to achieve a successful implementation and thus achieve your strategic goals.

According to a McKinsey & Company survey, about 70% of all changes in organizations fail. If a large project fails, this is wasted money and wasted months of invested effort. In addition, many opportunities are lost. The mentioned percentage of 70% of failed changes in organizations seems to be even greater. According to the research mentioned, the need for guiding change grows, but the possibilities to do so become smaller. That is why Change Management is part of our service.


 Change management offers a structured approach in changing individuals, teams and organizations from the current state to a desired desired future state. We support individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. We prepare, equip and support individuals (and teams) to successfully adopt change in order to drive organizational success and outcomes.

Change management is a formal way of communicating with employees why change is happening, what it will look like from their perspective, and how it will ultimately benefit them in the end.


Keeping employees informed from the start helps smooth the transition and shorten the time it takes. If employees are more open to change, they will be more engaged in the process of making it happen. When employees are more engaged, the transition can happen more quickly and ultimately save your organization time and resources.