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The Next Thing Group


The Next Thing B.V. was established to guide and help enterprises to achieve their sustainable strategic goals and upmost value creation. We provide these companies means to ensure that they can actively steer their organization instead of the traditional post steering. 

Our range of tools and techniques unveils the hidden factors that can make or break sustained strategic execution.

We will help and guide the organization to align stakeholder interests with those of the company’s sustainability plans.

The Next Thing anticipates on areas of strength and blockage when implementing new intelligent steering systems by dint of addressing human as well as process factors.

To make it a complete success, we have chosen to make change management a key element within our product.


The events in global business management are increasing the focus on more sustainable performance out of existing business platforms. As technology brings the world to your smartphones, tablets and other devices real-time, global is no longer the playground for the large, multi-national corporations only. 

The main theme of our philosophy is to expand the traditional business function into a more comprehensive and collaborative corporate functions that encompasses finance, HR, commercial, IT, risk & compliance and explains how these combined functions can make businesses more efficient and sustainable when used in conjunction with the strategic business model.

No more backwards looking and deciding what course your organization should go, but taking advantages of current latest technologies to actively steer your organization. We can provide you with the best practices in business management, technologies and change management to provide you with transparency through the entire organization and keep real-time focus on your goals and objectives.


The Advisory Board is an international network of experts who have agreed to give The Next Thing Group meaningful help on a regular basis in many different areas, including law, organizational development, technology, policy, and outreach. Their abilities, experience, and knowledge were selected for how they complement The Next Thing Group projects, or the organization as a whole.

The Advisory Board advises the Board in its strategic decision-making process and the staff in its day-to-day work. Sometimes questions will be posed to the whole group, sometimes individual members will be consulted.

Mr. Guillaume Ellis

Was appointed to the Advisory Board of The Next Thing Group Holding B.V. effective 1 July 2017.

Guillaume Ellis is highly experienced financial expert and is working for many years at Bertelsmann were he is responsible for the annual financial reporting (IFRS and Dutch legislation), Cash and Tax Pool of all Bertelsmann Companies established in the Netherlands and Belgium. These Bertelsmann companies are: Arvato Service Benelux, BMG Right Management B.V., Music Director B.V. and Arvato Finance Holding B.V. 

Mr. Coen van Straaten

Was appointed to the Advisory Board of The Next Thing Group Holding B.V. effective 1 July 2017.

Coen van Straaten is a very succesful international entrepeneur and owner of G&C Systems. A leading manufacturer of ventilations systems for the automotive industry. They are specialised in ventilators and other verious products (speedcontrols, switches, snowfilters and many other associated items).